Sydney’s Top 5 Commercial Interior Design and Décor Trends

It does not matter whether you have an outdated space or if you are looking at redecorating from scratch, many conventional interior designs work in well for industrial buildings and offices. Commercial interior designers in Sydney note the following trends for business spaces. As business is hugely competitive, something as simple as good commercial design can entice customers as well as generate a pleasant environment for a company’s workers.


Modern Décor 


Modern décor is essential for commercial structures as it allows for plenty of room to design. Here you require smooth, hard lines and plenty of minimalist colour combinations. Plenty of industrial materials like steel and plastic make great features that attract the eyes of the customers. Modern designs help create the illusion of high-tech innovation without the need to go all out to try and execute a complicated and cluttered space.


Layered Lighting


Lighting plays a significant role in commercial interior design. Rooms must be safe and attractive for customers, but it can also help to define open spaces without the need for walls. Putting a few well-placed skylights into the zone with coloured light scattered around the area adds the right lighting choices that can make all the difference. You want to go for a combination of ambient, natural and task lighting sources that will help to keep your area from feeling vacant and artificial.



Choose the Appropriate Theme


It sounds simple, but surprisingly enough commercially designed structures often do not match their commercial properties. If you are going to open a Spanish type restaurant, then you want to go for a Latin styled theme for the design and décor. If you are opening a store for camping gear, then you do not want to use a Chinese theme, more a rustic idea would suit. You need to choose an interior design style that suits and works well for the business theme that you will be sure you can implement to your commercial space quickly and effectively.




One of the hardest parts when it comes to decorating a commercial space is choosing the right colour. You want colours that are bold and bright as they work well for displaying items and drawing in attention. People do not like these choices just thrown around. Natural colours work well for commercial environments, yet they are not always desirable as they can end up masking the displays and are not able to bring in the attention that you want.


You want to try and use a splash of colour and consider using the same colours as your logo. There is not a right or wrong way to design and decorate your commercial space, but there are ways to use elements to draw attention to items and draw attention away from something you do not want on display. Colour should be used appropriately paying attention to the colour wheel, as too many clashing colours can be overwhelming. 


Business is a team sport, and it is a journey that you all walk together. The employer and customer must have a good relationship and experience, and an excellent way to do that is to pay attention to the small details by making your commercial area trendy and comfortable. Aesthetically pleasing and relaxed spaces are especially important if you have a showroom or people are often entering. Add chairs, art and cushions along with some desks that are comfortable for working and pass health and safety regulations.


Most importantly, have fun creating and designing in the meantime.