The Latest Interior Trends For The Summer

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This summer is your chance to give your home a free-spirited, warm look about it. From using simple, fresh furnishings to playful patterns and splashes of colour, you can quickly refresh your home while maintaining a classy look. If you are planning to give your home a makeover, here are the latest coastal interior design trends you can use for the summer to implement into your house;

Use colours to create a summer look

Splashes of bright and saturated colours will give your home a warm, vibrant look without having to break the bank. The colours are not only restricted to walls but also furniture and other accessories around the room. It is as simple as buying some coloured lampshades, a bold sofa cushion, or even a rug to throw over your sofa that could warm up your living room, just like that. 

Try trendy animal prints

Animal prints will bring the outdoor feel and energy into your home. You should, however, keep them to a minimum if you want your interior to look pared back and clean. Animal themed wall arts will give your wall an exotic and refreshed touch. Be sure you don’t go overboard though because overused animal print can turn out looking a little bit tacky. If you would like to implement some animal prints in a tasteful way and do not know where to begin, jump online and get some inspiration on some social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. You could even contact an interior stylist who will help you work out a good colour scheme and design layout for your home. 

Brighten your room with white

White will always brighten your place for the summer. If you are looking to replace your furniture, don’t go for dark woods again. Instead, try something white. You can even use a paintbrush to repaint the furniture yourself if you are into DIY. In case you would want to switch back to dark themes when the summer ends, then you can buy white throws for the sofas and the chairs. White drapes can work the magic too.

Go with yellow

It is not up for debate that yellow is the dominant colour of summer and using hints of it around the house can bring a summer feeling. Besides using yellow on soft furnishings, you can also accessorise the interior with yellow colours. 

Accessorise with macrame

If you are looking for something beautiful to use for hanging your art pieces and wall hangings, then macrame is your answer. It will give them an exotic and relaxed feel about them. You can also use them as cushion covers or table runners. If you go for neutral colours, then you can use your macrame even after the summer. All you need is a few tutorials to be able to make a DIY macrame.

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Make the window treatments light

The fun of the summer is to allow yourself to soak in the warmth of the sun. You can’t do this if your windows are draped with heavy curtains. Opt for something light that can allow the sunlight in. It will still be able to block out the sun when it becomes too bright. It is advisable to go for white Venetian-styled blinds as they add to the elegance of a room while allowing you to control the amount of light into the room.

Look for summer rugs

Everyone loves the feel of a soft carpet on their feet around the home. Replace your old carpet with a vibrant summerly carpet, and your house will have a comforting touch and a bright feel about it. They will redefine your home. Whether you decide to place the rug in an open space or under some furniture is up to you.