How Much Water Do Rainwater Tanks Save?

Rainwater tanks are able to store water that runs off your roof so you can use this water later on for whatever you choose, whether that be watering and maintaining the image of your garden or even use as supply for your home. People that are on town water tend to save their tanks to water their gardens during the hot summer months when the garden needs far more water and attention than other times. Installing a water tank is another way your household can save on their household water usage/supply by up to 25%. This means you are helping to conserve water as well as saving money on your water bill at the same exact time, how good is that?

Most places now require you to have a water tank installed if you are building a home. It comes under the regulatory or local government/council requirements. Some people have tanks connected to their toilet so every time you flush it will use the stored water then go onto normal water once the stored water has been used, this is one of the many ways that water can be saved.

The amount of water you can store will be determined by the size of your water tanks. You can get small tanks or huge industrial tanks that are often used on farms. A 5000 litre water tank is generally considered a ‘smaller’ tank, although that is still an enormous amount, but on the other end of the scale, a 10000 litre water tank is quite large in the market. There is no limit to having tanks and many people have a few small ones scattered in different places around their backyard that they use to water their garden. Rainwater is free and some places get so dry in the summer so why not save all the water possible that you can. This way you can help to keep your gardens green during the hottest times of the year.

If you divert the rainwater off your roof and into a tank to store you can use it to water gardens, flush toilets, use it for your washing machines or water the grass and indoor plants. Some people insist that water tanks don’t save households any water. It is said that most households who have a tank don’t actually have one to save on their overall water use but instead they use it to have extra water for luxury items like pools and keeping their garden green during times of when water restrictions are in place. Making sure you have a priority when it comes to your water usage is essential, don’t always put luxury over basic stables.

If you have a rainwater system set up to a tank and plumbed into your home you can see savings of up to $200 a year, saving up to 50% of your drinking water. When working out how much you can save you need to take into consideration how much water you use on a daily basis, how much capacity your tank can hold and exactly what you are using the water for. Certain places have restrictions for water use like how often you can water, what time you can water your garden and restrictions on filling your pools and spas. Reading into community guidelines will help make sure you aren’t necessarily going against any specific rules and allow you to keep your water usage and supply to the correct amount allowed in your area.

We all need to do our bit for the environment so even if you are only using tank water for your garden, it will be less you are consuming of the towns water supply. Water is a thing that everyone is in dire need of, so making sure you don’t expose or abuse the amount you are available to should be something heavily considered.