Matching an Interior Design With a Garden Theme

A well maintained garden with nicely groomed lawn and flowers blooming everywhere is a beautiful sight and leaves the power of a tranquil feel for everyone. If you are a proud owner of such a beautiful garden or are fond of gardens but do not have the luxury of an outside garden or flower bed, it could be a good idea to match your interior design with a garden theme.

Garden themed interior design is spiritually uplifting and could potentially have positive health benefits. Having a garden themed room could be as simple as including a feature wall with various flowers painted on it or any selection out of a number of garden themed interior wall finishes or designs.

A garden themed interior design gives a very stylish and fresh look to your home. You can keep easy to maintain indoor plants which only require occasional watering and sunlight. There are around four hundred varieties of air plants that can be used for the indoor garden theme of your home or even just the design of a simple room. They come in different sizes, shapes and colours and can be displayed in a variety of different creative ways. You can also choose an aesthetic container to keep these different plants to enhance the surrounding decorative elements. Indoor plants not only give a cooling effect but the oxygenating properties of these plants helps purify the air that you or your guests will be breathing in. You can cover a whole wall with a vertical garden, which gives a really unique and idealistic look to your home or really any interior design project.

Place this garden in an area where you usually get plenty of sunlight in your room or the home. Different types of pots that are now readily available in the market to hold the plants makes for interesting decorative pieces and additions to your central theme. Antique vessels, hand painted mud pots and baskets made of coir are some of the popular ideas to use as pots for indoor plants. There are many indoor plants to choose from and some of which are the Chinese money plant, silver dollar plant, Jade plant, oxalis, string of pearls, Tillandsia and donkey tail plants. These recommended plants are only a few of the very popular indoor options that you can place in your new garden themed room. Different types of cactus plants are very easy to maintain and usually will grow well indoors. Cactus plants need only to be watered once a week and are easy to maintain, so this plant could be ideal if you run a busy life but still want to maintain the interior design of your home. Chinese bamboo plants are very ornamental and are also considered very auspicious to keep at home. Snake plants, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue are considered almost indestructible and can tolerate irregular sunlight and even low sunlight. Bonsai plants are also very ornamental plants that can be kept indoors and will give your home a very distinctive and unique look. There are versions of bonsai available of big trees, which even bear fruits and are a treat for the eyes. Any of these plants that have been described would make the perfect addition to a room with a garden theme or even a garden itself.

Flowers will make any guest to your house feel more welcoming. If one of the reasons you do not have a garden is that you don’t have the time to take care of it, then flowers in vases are your best solution. Just imagine the joy that a nice big bright yellow sunflower in your home could potentially bring to anyone visiting, it just brightens yours and your guest’s day and home. You can choose different types of flowers depending on the style of your other interiors in the apartment. Lilies and Tulips are a perfect choice for giving a soft smooth vibe to your home. You can have multiple flower settings at different corners of the house. Dahlias, roses and peonies make a good arrangement for coffee tables. Crystal glass vases are a good choice for these arrangements and you can also hand paint these vases to make them look more attractive. To make your flowers last longer, there are few tips which you can try such as cutting the stems in a slanted angle, using warm water instead of cold water in the vase, using any flower preservatives and also changing and re-cutting the stems daily.